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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy became valid as of May 25th, 2018.
Dubrovački savez športova / Dubrovnik Sports Federation
Liechtensteinov put 10
PIN: 39374068567
In case you have any questions, please contact us at

Your data is collected and stored in order to:
– organize sports competitions and events
– in order to execute the registration of competitors and charge the entry fee
– in order to comply with our legal obligations
– in order to fulfill any purpose or activity which is stated at a place and in the moment of collecting the above-mentioned data

Please have in mind that some data is by its nature more sensitive than the other, such as data on your health, disability etc.

All data all collected on a consensual basis. Please have in mind that races and events we organize are of public nature. Therefore, a part of your data will be publicly accessible.

We collect data when you subscribe to our newsletter when you register through the registration system or when you directly communicate with us. We can also receive data via organizations or individuals which you yourself have previously authorized to process your data, such as your sports club or any kind of agency. All the data is collected on a consensual basis.
The data referred to in this Privacy Policy comprises all the personal data which is relevant to the organization, such as name, surname, email address, date of birth, personal records etc.
You’ll be recorded and photographed on the race track.
We collect data on how you use our website. It’s important for us to know which information you seek and which information you find to be irrelevant or useless. Also, it’s important for us to know if you succeed in navigating our website with ease and if you found everything you looked for. This is because we want to learn whether we have presented everything in an easily understandable manner. The latter is accomplished by using cookies. All information related to cookies can be found in our Cookies Policy.


Your data is included in a list of competitors which can be accessed by the members of our organization and our partners if they find it necessary in order to perform their tasks and jobs regarding the event and race organization.

If you submit data on your health, we have to forward it to our medical personnel on the race track. Data on your health can be a subject of consultations with physicians, with the goal of getting an expert opinion on whether our competition is safe for you to participate. This data will not be forwarded to anyone else if such an act is not really necessary for your safety.
Your data is used in order to organize the competition to the best of our abilities and to ensure your safety on the race track.
After having said all of this… in case you are a competitor and have any physical disability you are –as far as we’re concerned – a hero. If you let us do so, we will praise you whenever and wherever we can. Your health data, depending on your decision, can be our shared secret or an inspiration for everyone.

Photographers and cameramen will be present at the race and all other locations where Du Motion events take place. You will be photographed from every angle and at any place where we succeed in photographing you. Photographs will be published, camera recordings will be emitted. Let us repeat once again: when you participate in the race, it is a public appearance and we believe you deserve to be a star!
We want to show the world how it is to be a part of Du Motion. Therefore, we will publish photos and recordings on web, television, and newspapers in order to promote Du Motion and running in general.

Du Motion is the race for everybody, including children. Every child younger than 16 has to submit written consent by his parents or guardians allowing him/her to participate in the race.
KIDS’ DAY is a race for kindergarten kids and elementary school kids. The results of this race are not measured or recorded. There are the lists of you youngest competitors, however, they are not publicly available. Kids will be photographed and their photos will be publicly accessible.
All the kids taking part in any other Du Motion race where the result is measured and recorded will be treated like all other competitors.

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list whenever you want by using the link in a received mail.
Please have in mind that direct marketing is not the same as sending information regarding the race. Regardless of the fact whether you’ve subscribed to our mailing list or not, prior and after the race, we shall send you several emails including, but not limited to confirmation of registration, general information on race, your achieved results, invitation to fill the questionnaire form regarding the race. Also, for the sake of organization, we shall send you an email comprising all the race information we think you should be aware of.

When you pick up your start package, we want to make sure it’s really you, meaning that we will compare your previously submitted data with the ID you present. On this occasion, no additional data on you will be taken or stored.

Please check our cookies police.

We need your data in order to communicate with you. We want to know everything you have to say, in order to perfect the organization of the race and the accompanying events. Since our mutual relation includes a financial transaction, your data is a subject to tax and other laws and acts of The Republic of Croatia and will be processed in accordance with the latter.
Some of the data from the questionnaire you’ll be filling during the registration can be of statistic nature and hence processed within the frameworks of various studies.
Important notice: We do not collect the numbers of your credit cards. This is something that is taking place between you, your bank and payment provider.
If you have any questions regarding these points or you on the usage of data, please contact us at

Some of your data have to be processed following the legal obligations. These groups of data will be processed in accordance with the laws of The Republic of Croatia.
You cannot participate in the race anonymously that is – you cannot participate without submitting all the required data. It is our legal obligation to forward your data to the respective judicial authorities and executive bodies if they demand it on a legal basis.
All the data you submit has to be complete and accurate. By submitting data, you confirm that you are giving us your permission to contact you in case we have to confirm your identity.

Data registers which are legally binding will be stored until the expiration of legal obligation.
Data on results of the race will be kept in the achieves of Dubrovnik Sports Federation for an unlimited period of time. We emphasize that this record of results is of public nature. All the other data will be deleted six months after the race ends.
If you allow us to send you the messages of promotional nature, we’ll do so until you let us know you no longer wish to receive them. After that, we will ERASE your contacts.

Race results, photos, and recordings of the race are all publicly accessible. This means we shall publish them on our website and social media profiles and forward them to all the interested media.
All the other data will not be shared unless they are subject to the respective legal or organizational obligations.
Data can be forwarded to our partners who process your data for our sake (marketing agency, the company for measuring results and similar).
These of your data which are anonymous and have been collected under such circumstances can be shared without your previous approval since by the fact of their anonymity they are no longer your personal data.

All of your data is kept within EU. We do not transfer your data to the third countries. If such a need arises, the transfer shall be executed in accordance with GDPR.

Right to access – Your rights are prescribed by GDPR. At any moment, you can demand us to present you with a list of data we have on you. Contac us at
Correction – Like yourself, we too want your data to be correct. If you notice an error, please contact us at
Erasure – At your request, we have to enable the erasure of your data. If you demand this after the registration and prior to race, your entry fee – according to our Terms and Conditions – will not be reimbursed and you will not be able to take part in the race. Race results are a public information and therefore will be publicly accessible to anyone. If you really have a need for erasing your data from our registry – though due to the public context we cannot guarantee these data will completely disappear – we shall do so and erase your data. In that case, you will lose all the eventually accomplished rights related to the achieved results and your position on the list of results.
We shall proceed to process data which is of generic and/or anonymous nature. Data which is subject to the legal obligation of keeping and /or storing will be accordantly kept and we shall not be in the position to erase those. Erasure can be requested by emailing us at
Restrictions – If you wish so, we shall freeze the processing of your data, based on justified reasons you present. Please have in mind that this could prevent you from participating in the race.
Transfer of data – You can request a transfer of your data to the third parties.
Objection – You can submit an objection in case we are processing data based on legitimate interest or if we’re processing data collected from the third parties. Please have in mind that in such case we have the right to do so, based either on a legitimate interest or certain legal obligations. You have a right to object when we are processing data in the context of direct marketing.
Consent – When we process data based on your consent, you are entitled to revoke your consent.
In case you have questions on how to realize the above-listed rights, please contact us at

Transfer of information through the internet is never completely safe. After we’ve received your data, we shall do everything within our power to protect your data.

Our website and other materials can contain links to websites of third parties. We are not responsible for the latter’s consent or any possible collecting of personal data which takes place there. When using those websites, you can check their own policies on privacy and cookies as well as their terms and conditions of use.

The legal authority for protection of data in Croatia is AZOP. If you deem your rights guaranteed by GDPR have been breached, you can contact AZOP.

This policy is subject to changes.
Whenever we make changes, we shall mark them and make them easy to track and understand.
Changes will become valid on the date they are published on our website.

In case you want to know anything related to the processing of personal data, please contact us at