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Du Motion is running for Ante!
Ante Kolundjija
10 Mar 2019

Du Motion is running for Ante!

Du Motion’s 5K race attracts a huge number of Dubrovnikers and their guests on the streets of the city every year. This year will be no different: on April 28 expect to see hundreds of runners in the recognizable blue T-shirts on Stradun.

“From schoolchildren and students to entrepreneurs, retirees and very often whole families, everyone is comeing down to hang out and do something good together. This year we run to raise awareness of the need for greater caution in traffic, while all the income from the race will go for neurorehabilitation of the 20y.o. Ante Kolundjija, Du Motion volunteer who was hurt in car accident last year,” announced alen Bošković, Du Motion director.

Neurorehabilitation performed by Polyclinic Glavić is intended for patients who suffer fully blocked extremities of the body due to various disasters or illnesses.

“It is robotic neurorehabilitation, currently the most modern and the most effective treatment concept with the help of the most sophisticated robotic devices and conventional physiotherapy therapies. It’s individually tailored to each patient depending on his diagnosis and medical condition. This is how we designed the program for ante as well, as he’s practicing up to 9 hourse per day in order to recover faster and so far we are noticing some great results,” said Mirna Golubic, chief therapist in the Polyclinic Glavić.

You can join 5K race by purchasing either a running or supporter’s package, both available through Du Motion’s web shop.