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Dubrovnik Half Marathon on the front cover of Distance Running!
Du motion - Dubrovnik Half Marathon start
11 Jul 2018

Dubrovnik Half Marathon on the front cover of Distance Running!

Another great acknowledgment for Du Motion – Runners’ Days in Dubrovnik! The photo of this year’s Dubrovnik Half Marathon, taken by Zvonimir Mikasek, ended up on the cover of the latest edition of well known Distance Running magazine.

The publisher of the magazine is AIMS, an international association that brings together over 450 races from more than 120 countries worldwide, on which runners can get their copy of the magazine free of charge. The new number is also available online for free download. The reach of this popular magazine shows how great this promotion is, not only for Du Motion and Dubrovnik, but also for Croatia.

“This is a very pleasant surprise to us and we are honored that the editors of the magazine have chosen a photo from Stradun for the cover page. Start and finish of all our races in the historic Old Town are certainly the culmination of experience for the runners coming to Dubrovnik. we certainly expect the word about Du Motion to be further spread in the running community because the magazine is being distributed all over the world – this is simply something you can only dream of!” said Du Motion director Alen Bošković.

Numerous runners who have already experienced Dubrovnik’s welcome, but also those who will run here for the first time, have already announced their arrival in the city for the next Du Motion event on April 27 and 28, 2019. With this promotion we do not doubt this number will only go up!

Distance Running cover