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Runners delighted by Du Motion for the third time
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01 May 2017

Runners delighted by Du Motion for the third time

About a thousand and a half runners from around the world participated in the grand finale of the increasingly popular event Du Motion – Runners’ Days in Dubrovnik.

“This was one of the best vacation ideas ever, I feel like the top of the world!” said Brit runner Marcus Ranney after a 21 kilometer long run.

With the participants from 45 countries around the world, including the United States, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Brazil, France, India, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Egypt and South Africa, Du Motion’s main race, Dubrovnik Half Marathon has strengthened its position of the most international Croatian race that attracts runners with a variety of programs, rich runners packages and, of course, the destination, the city of Dubrovnik.

800 runners were registered for the third edition of the Dubrovnik Half Marathon. The best in the men category were Ante Živković (1:16:02), Drago Paripović (1:17:51) and Zaim Suman (1:19:11) while in the women’s category the afstest were Lucia Kimani(1:25:01), Nora Trklja (1:27:08) and Tanja Samardzic (1:27:42)

“A phenomenal experience, we will come again next year” could be heard from many runners just as they passed the finish line, and judging by the numbers of those who are already returning, no doubt it will be so.

700 runners went on Sunday to a 5-kilometer charity race for a boy who won absolutely all hearts, Nevio Krešić, for whom 74 125 kuna was collected. The best in the male category were Miloš Mikić (19: 11min), triathloner from Montenegro and members of the Dubrovnik Rowing Club Neptun Toni Crnjak (20: 11min) and Lovro Čondrić (20: 27min). Last year’s winner from Bulgaria, Plamen Alexiev, came fourth. Among women the fastest were Marina Maslek (24: 13min), Danika Kritter (24:48) and Josipa Jurković (25: 03min).

Run the Wall race was held on Saturday. Hundreds of participants tested their skills on a demanding path with an impressive view of the city. The best among them were Nela Madeško in the women’s and Lazar Badanjac in the men’s category.

A special place in the impeccable organization of the race was again deserved by numerous volunteers, 500 of them. Du Motion simply wouldn’t be the same without them!