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GloboRun’s adventure in Dubrovnik
derek zardus
03 Apr 2017

GloboRun’s adventure in Dubrovnik

Last year, one US marathon runner decided to start a special marathon quest: 50 marathon routes in all 50 of the United States in 50 weeks. 50/50/50. Half of those were official marathons, other half were his unofficial runs of marathon routes across the US. Among the latter was the course of Big Sur marathon, one of the most beautiful races in North America and Du Motion’s partner race.
His name is Derek Zardus and he’s behind an ever evolving travel and run company called GloboRun with a motto “Beautiful Runs in Beautiful Places.”. This year he has a new goal: between April and July he’ll run 14 races in Europe, including the Dubrovnik Half Marathon.
He loves to run slowly and enjoy the scenery as well as meet other runners and get inspired to their stories. In his own words, in this day and age when so many people feel there are so many cultural divides, he feels that running can bring people together. He’s one of the runners who get a runner’s high, pushing him to go even further. Besides that, he loves to volunteer at races, that way experiencing the other side of the coin, the race from the perspective of the organizers.
Welcome to Dubrovnik, Derek!