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Top 5 reasons to run the Dubrovnik Half Marathon
dubrovacki polumaraton stradun
04 Feb 2016

Top 5 reasons to run the Dubrovnik Half Marathon

1. Runners from all over the world – The very first edition of Dubrovnik Half Marathon attracted runners from 34 countries and 5 continents and it instantly became a smashing hit on the global calendar of race events.

2. Spectactular setting – How often you have a chance to run within the historical scenery of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean locations, enlisted as the UNESCO World Heritage?

3. Diversity of races – Though most important, Dubrovnik Half Marathon is but one of the races featured at “Du Motion – Dubrovnik Runners’ Days”. This two-days event also includes an exclusive “Run the Wall“ race that is run along the ancient Dubrovnik walls, a short children “Kids’ Day” races and a charity citizens’ “5K-Fun Run” race.

4. Free goodies – In order to provide an unforgettable tourist experience, organizers ensured all of the registered runners get a free entry to the Dubrovnik Walls and city museums as well as free public transportation.

5. Running in King’s Landing – This is a unique chance to run in one of the main filming locations of the globally popular TV series Game of Thrones, that was filmed in Dubrovnik throughout several seasons.

So, open your calendar and mark April 30th and May 1st 2016. as your Dubrovnik Runners’ Days!